BitcoLoan Technology

Crypto lending and investments get smarter
Faster, easier and more profitable

How the Technology Works

Our technology helps you find the best investment and loan options, automates the payment processes and saves you from any delays.
What the BitcoLoan technology is

Let’s Take a Closer Look

BitcoLoan Technology is a set of tech tools that make a fast, reliable and convenient service.
  • Big Data
    We use the database analysis of hundreds of partners so we could offer our clients only the most beneficial terms.
  • Data Mining
    In-depth analysis findings, unavailable before, help us create unique conditions.
  • Machine Learning
    Machine learning algorithms make every next transaction even more secured and advanced than ever before.
  • Scoring
    A client's financial portrait, based on the partners’ database, help us provide better terms and unique offers.
  • Market Monitoring
    Our algorithms are constantly monitoring financial markets, which makes investment and lending terms more beneficial and fair.
  • Smart Contracts
    Smart contracts guarantee the fulfillment of financial obligations for both parties and eliminate all risks.
Large Affiliate Network
Millions of financial profiles

Large Affiliate Network

We work with many credit and financial organizations that help our algorithms improve by sharing their database.
  • Large Database
    AI and Data mining analytics and forecasting is based on more than 300 millions of financial profiles.
  • Affiliate Network
    Working with 210 affiliated companies from 23 countries provides the best matchmaking results.
  • Fair Interest Rate
    Constant market monitoring allows us to offer the most beneficial terms for lenders and borrowers.
High Speed
12 times faster than anyone

High Speed

Our algorithms are designed to process large amounts of data and are unparalleled on the market.
  • Request Processing Speed
    More than 50000 users’ requests are processed per minute.
  • Matching Speed
    Search for a borrower or lender takes up to 3 seconds.
  • Instant loans
    No checks or delays; loans are available for withdrawal instantly.
Flexibility Protection
Original technological solutions

Flexibility & Protection

The BitcoLoan technology is built from scratch and uses only the innovational methods of data processing and protection.
  • Closed Source Code
    The BitcoLoan code is build from scratch and therefore is closed. Hacking or security vulnerability scanning is almost impossible.
  • Scaling and Flexibility
    Scaling and wide application logic is embedded in the BitcoLoan Technology Matching engine.
It's not only about crypto lending

Wide Application

BitcoLoan Technology can be applied in many different niches.
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • HR
  • Shared
  • Trading
Do you want to use the BitcoLoan Technology in your business?
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