The Webinar is Tonight! Everything About the Token Private Sale

Today at 4 PM London time we’re going to hold the third BitcoLoan webinar. The main topic is the Private Sale start. The webinar will be held on Zoom while broadcasted on to our YouTube channel.

To take part in the upcoming webinar, you should hurry as the participant number is limited. You can register to the webinar right now.

Do it ASAP so you won't miss the broadcast and get nice bonuses!

All participants registered by 3:55 PM London time will get 750 tokens as a bonus!

We’d like to remind you that yesterday, on April 7, the BitcoLoan first Tier Private Sale started. It means that you can buy the token directly now. You can read more about it here.

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Way to Crypto Freedom
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Very good.naic
Webinars help understanding cryptos
Good update
Good update
excellent article
Its an interesting concept and hope it does well
good project
Tin tốt
es bueno que realicen el webinar, pero seria excelente si tambien lo transmites en español para latinoamerica
top demais
owww good
Đúng là xem xong thì mình mới hiểu ra và biết đc nhiều điều,thật bổ ích
good project
Thank you
Nice Concept & IDEA
Good project
Just missed it darn , I’ll check out YouTube
Good project
nice project Waiting Impatiently
what makes the btcl coin different to the coins currently on the platform or to coins like compound
Its an interesting concept and hope it does well.
Missed it! The push notifications are timed all wrong and announced the wrong time. Watched it on replay but there was not much useful info
It very good
Very Good
The webner is infact clear and understandable
awesome investment
oh no I missed it
Wish I could have attended this. Best wishes for Bitcoloan and its future!!
Sad I missed it. Had to work the darn 9-5
I missed it
Great opportunity
wow great opportunity
Very sad! I missed it
just see this sad .... it is over.
Aww, I missed it too...
Dang... missed it.... How did it go?? Link to the webinar?
well performed
good job!!!
good project
Very nice!
Goodluck for Bitcoloan
good webinar
Hope it will be a success!!!
I'm waiting
alrighty then
good session. New comers should join this webinar
Good news!!!
прекрасный вебинар,узнал для себя много нового
Great webinar yesterday
I missed it again :(
I'm interested in it...
Great news!
I do not miss it this time...
Everything is fine and you can make a lot of money here
Not able to join the webinar... Kindly, make the recorded video accessible to us on the telegram or any other channel. Thanks.
I joined it. It was cool
Looking forward to the ICO
Great news !
Awesome project sir
Great project
Best project !!
Grande expectativa.
This is the best project so far
Great project
How was it?
I watched the seminar yesterday night!
Not interested. More interested in the platform than another snake oil coin where any of the existing would do
Excellent application for Iphone
It was great experience participating on the third webinarium.
this is so exciting and interesting.
excellent platform to think that with is a person can meet their few needs and give themselves some luxuries even small that are I really like this system
That was a great webinar!
let's go! session god
Good session... Thanks bitcoloan.
Coolness. Thanks.
Thank you for sharing Bitcoloan
So Good
good news
very nice
Totally forgot about daylight savings time and missed it! SMH :(
Good Session- Thanks
Nice website
So pumped
Very nice!
Iam learning boz
I am read.
Pra cima
I love it
I have signed
I will be present
Signed up & ready.
I will be present
lets go
Our hopes are with U! GREAT WORK!!
Already registered
Yess im ready
Yess im ready
Yess im ready
Yess im ready
Can't wait to hear more about the private sale