Take part in a Webinar and get up to 5000 tokens. Hurry up!

You’re invited to take part in the first BitcoLoan Token webinar. You can join the webinar and participate in the token draw!

In the webinar, there will be prizes of up to 5000 tokens. Any of you could become a lucky winner. However, we need your help in the webinar planning.

Webinar Details

The webinar will take place this Thursday, March 18. It will be hosted by Rebecca Fields on Zoom. Those who won’t be able to join us on Zoom can watch the webinar broadcast on our official YouTube channel.

What would you like to discuss?

For you to learn something interesting in the webinar, we need to know what matters you’d like to discuss. You will find a Google Form where you can state you preferences below.

And to thank you for your help, we will give the five participants with most interesting topics 2000 tokens! State your question now!

More Prizes

Asked your question already? Great! Now, to increase your chances of winning the prize, subscribe to our official Telegram channel. We will choose the 5 random followers during the webinar and will give them 2000 tokens each!

Tokens for video reviews

You probably already know that you can get tokens for recording a BitcoLoan video review. We think that you deserve much more! During the webinar, we will also choose the 5 best, most creative and high-quality videos and give the winners 2000 tokens each!

You can upload your video review in the Dashboard Token section. We will accept all the videos submitted by 6:00 p.m. London time on March 17. Hurry up!

Get 5000 tokens

The main Webinar prize is 5000 tokens! Who will get it? It might as well be you! The main webinar prize will go to a random viewer!

How to become a participant? To do this, follow the link below and register for the webinar.

You’d best hurry up – the number of participants is limited!

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