Take a free Crypto Lending Professional course and get $50!

​When investing in crypto loans, it is important not only to make a good profit but also understand how it works. For this reason, the BitcoLoan specialists has designed a free training course “Crypto Lending Professional”.

In this course, you will learn everything about DeFi, crypto lending and all the BitcoLoan platform benefits. Successful course completion will get you a $50 bonus you can use as your first investment!

The training course is free and available for everyone. It includes the following modules:

- Lending Market, Crypto Lending, DeFi
- What is BitcoLoan?
- High income principles
- What is the BitcoLoan Technology?
- What is BitcoLoan Technology comprised of?
- BitcoLoan Technology and income generation
- How BitcoLoan Technology can be used
- BitcoLoan Personal Dashboard
- Company Products
- BitcoLoan Referral Program
- Attracting Referrals
- Rating Score and How to Increase It
- BitcoLoan Security
- BitcoLoan compared to the competition

Apart from $50 to your account, you will get a course completion certificate to confirm your qualification.

There are over than 2000 students from 85 countries who have completed our free course and gained vital knowledge. These people are now crypto lending professionals who can invest their $50 reward smart!

Some of the students have already shared their course experience. Take a look at one of the reviews!

To receive a $50 bonus to your account, you must record a video testimonial about our company after you complete the academy and receive your certificate.

Your video must meet several criteria.

- Your video must be at least 60 seconds long
- You must tell briefly about your experience of the academy in your video, preferably in English
- Video must be HD quality or higher
- The video must show your certificate of completion, a screen with the company website
- The video should show your face
- The video should be publicly available

Video can take up to 24 hours to be moderated. It is important that your name on your profile and the name on your certificate match. After verification you will receive a push and email notification.

It is time you made your first step to financial independence. Do it today and take a free Crypto Lending Professional course right now!

There will be more training materials soon. Right now we’re developing a “Decentralized lending” course. Soon, it will be available for you!
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Very good.naic
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Good project
Thank you !
This actually works. Once you finish, you get $50 to loan out to someone on the platform. You then are able to withdraw the $ once it reaches about $2 as various cryptos. Worth the time for sure!
Excelent proyect
This is very important to take first step in crypto world. The project must be more go public as soon as possible. I'm interested for join this program.
это хорошая возможность заработать
Please 50$ give