​Social skills, no investments and one saved life!

Greetings, everyone! My name’s Dana. Do you believe in miracles? If not, my story will make you. In a good sense, of course!

The begging of my story is quite gloomy… I was stuck in another country for more than half a year. My visa had expired and there was nothing left for me – I could not find a job or get a loan in the bank. What do you do when everything is lost? No, panicking was not an option. I had to do something and fast.

Luckily, I have a very smart elder brother. He always keeps his ear to the ground and finds a way even in pitch darkness. That is how I had found out BitcoLoan exists, of course!

He invited me as a referral and asked me to find some more friends; otherwise, the referral system won’t work for me. The reason for that was that I had no assets to invest. After I’d recorded a couple of videos and uploaded it on YouTube, people started following my referral link. Honestly, I did not think that it was going to work, as it was just my word against their experience. As I said, it was miracle time.

The moment I saw +$50 was the moment when I realized that I was not helpless. I was going to see my family again! Nothing is as good as hope these days.

What I did next was make my brother my level one partner. It was our goal to expand the network so we good raise a decent sum. We even held a few webinars together! Oh boy, we had attracted quite a few people back then. Friendly advice for the future – try to appeal to people from your own country and try to understand what they are looking for. I didn’t succeed when I tried to speak English. Probably, I’m just too emotional. I hope that you will manage regardless!

In a month, my balance was $2150. My efforts bore fruit, finally. My brother did a little bit better though, as his balance was $2600. The next thing we thought of together was making a solid deposit. As time was of the essence, I asked him to transfer his money to me and see what our amount would do. In total, I had deposited $4150 with 0.7% interest rate daily. The daily profit did make me smile – $30 a day, plus the referral program bonus. BitcoLoan and I were finally talking business! In case you forgot, I got this money with no investments made.

In a week, I bought a ticket home. At last! I facetimed my parents and told them this wonderful news. They were proud of my brother and me. We did make a great team, hehe.

Now I am packing my things home. It is the first time when I buy such expensive presents! My student life is coming to an end. It is high time I made myself a public person. The impossible is possible on BitcoLoan!

Good luck to all of you.

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Great story. Always love a happy ending.
nice story for this girl
nice story!
Excellent history
Very good.naic
muy buena la istoria, exito para todos
muy buena la istoria, exito para todos
good story dana.. congratulations
توی یکی از عکسها چوچولت مشخصه
سنده سلامت میکنم,خودمو غلامت میکنم
Great words
Great words
Great words
Great words
Great words
Great words
Great words
Great story
good story dana.. congratulations
Great !!!
I look forward for a way to survive not just to eat and wait again but to be among participant who will partake in lending and also making money. BitcoLoan and inovation that inspired https://bitcoloan.jp?ref=369251&utm_source=referral_share
good to hear this great story
smart investor
Enjoy the borderless freedom!
Fantastique histoire
I was very inspired by your post. I have a FILIPINA fiance. In fact, I joined BitcoLOAN because of your post! Thanks Alot for this awesome, thoughtful post!
Very fantastic story indeed.
Wow It very cool
tôi học được ở bạn gái xinh đẹp này cách làm việc hiệu quả cùng nền tảng bitcoloan.thanks
tôi thấy cảm kích trước nghị lực của bạn gái xinh đẹp.qua đây tôi học được nhiều điều tốt cho tôi ở bicoloan
I love it
Nice and good
This is a proof of earning opportunity
Good for her!
nice story
Interesting story! Thank you!
Well done
Thank you, great news!
Thank Dana, God bless you
very encouraging news
good projet
Wows interesting
otima fotos
Very good program
Very good program
Good program.
program is very good
Muito inspirador
with Bitcoloan you can accomplish miracles
Very inspiring. Shows how blockchain can transform the lives of people.
very inspiring story by a cryptoloan user.
Good step in the right direction at the glimpse of opportunity...
Good program/ Awesome)
it's really amazing
Good for you.
very good
nice platform
I think it's a wonderful story.
That's the truth, if we have a good chance "don't ever miss it, may be it can't come twice". Really inspire story. I hope we can like you.
interesting story very inspiring
Inspiring story, good luck to Dana & you all!
Well done ♥️
This is touching =) Glad to hear you make it!
very nice platform. god!
i am already in and working on my miracle
I wish we could add more info to profiles so that we can know more about the people we are loaning to. It would be really cool to be able to hear some of the stories so we can be touched by the impact we are making by our generosity♥
nice platform
Testimony to learn to be great in life BITCOLOAN is the most expeditious way, it works.
good program
What a wonderful story. And an even better testimonial of what one can do through BitcoLoans. I am sure this could be me too some time soon.
Legit portal. Follow three steps 1-Register, 2-invest, 3-earn. Note-Complete the academy course to learn how to invest and earn
Legit portal. Follow three steps 1-Register, 2-invest, 3-earn. Note-Complete the academy course to learn how to invest and earn
Wow! perfect
I am very glad that I use the services of this company.
Great inspiration for us
Great story how to be optimistic and realistic.
very good !
This story is true and I cosign it. My very own story is similar. I started and only put a few dollars in but have had some referrals come on board. With those referrals it has boosted my returns considerably.
Very good
Wow very good
Sounds interesting!!!
yeap nice
nice platform for invest and earn interest
NICE !!!
muy bien-
by far best investing app around
A very inspiring testimony from Dana, I'm grateful as well for coming across Bitcoloan. This platform is literally helping me to put bread on the table. May the company stay this way until the end of time.
bitcoLoan gerçekten öpk dürüst çok hızlı ve kazanç saglayacagınız bir sitedir ve hiç vakit kaybetmeden hemen deneme tavsiye ederim