Set up a PIN code. Protect your account!

Today we’re glad to present you a new Dashboard feature. To be more precise, it is a new security system. From now on, you can set up a PIN code!

You will be asked to enter the PIN code every time you will send funds from your account. This will help you protect your funds even if your account gets hacked!

Setting up a PIN code

To set up a PIN code, you need to go to your Dashboard Settings section

Next, you will see a PIN tab. Here you will have to create your PIN code. It must be 6 digits. Enter your new PIN code in the dedicated field and click on ”Save changes”.

Congratulations! You’ve set a PIN code. We strongly recommend you that you do not use the same PIN code on other platforms and services.It will help make your account invulnerable.

You can change your PIN code at any time in the same Settings section. Just enter the old and new PIN codes twice and click on ”Save changes”. You can also disable a PIN code feature.

Once you’ve set up a PIN code, you will have to enter it in the dedicated field every time you send funds from your account. This will protect your funds from the cybercriminals that could have access to your account.

Now your account is protected!

There will be more updates soon. Stay tuned!

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secure site
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