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No investments and a little bit of patience are $10000 in your pocket. This is my story!

Hello, BitcoLoan! I am Wai from Hong Kong. I want to tell you about wonderful things you can achieve with just a little bit of patience. I hope you enjoy this story and learn a little something from it.

Actually, it was a referral link that brought me on BitcoLoan. My colleague at work is into crypto and keep track of everything new in the niche. I’m not much of a master but today we all should take all the new opportunities to get a little bit richer. To be honest, I’m not some kind of a magnate; all I had by that time was only 0.07 BTC ($8000 for 1 bitcoin). At first I thought that I don’t belong on BitcoLoan as I have literally nothing to invest. All platforms and services demand huge amounts of money so that interest rate would be somewhat decent, which is not my case. Luckily, my friend assured me that I will do just fine. And I actually did!

When I registered on BitcoLoan, everything seemed so complicated: rating, deposits, referral program. The last actually got my whole attention. It states in the referral program rules that I can earn without investments just by inviting friends. What I liked the most was the concept. When I invite a friend and he or she invites their friends, we all help people in need! This year has been rough for all of us, especially for my family. I am one of the main sources of income for them and I feel for people who lost everything. The least I can do is help them on BitcoLoan.

First things first. In the first month I invited 3 friends who possess crypto as I do. I told them about the referral program so they could invite even more people to the platform. My first invited friends are my level 1 partners so I got $1300 once they deposited their funds! Truly amazing, I think. I decided to wait until the referral program would bring me no less than $5000. No matter how good BitcoLoan is, I still had my concerns. I’m not going to lie, it took 3 months until I raised the necessary amount and it was mostly due to the rise in bitcoin exchange rate. As a whole, I had more than 50 partners of level 2 and 3. I still cannot believe that I brought so many people on the platform and helped those in need fight the crisis!

In October I made a $5500 deposit with a 0.85% interest day accruing daily. I set a 60 days’ period and waited until the borrower’s repayment. Luckily for me, it took almost 58 days for the borrower to finish the payment as we had quite convenient terms and low interest rate (the borrower’s rating was quite high at the moment). Thus, I managed to make $2700 in 2 months with a simple reinvestment scheme. Wow! 4 months of patience brought me $8200. I wonder, what will I achieve in a year? This month I’ve invested $8000 in a Business Loan and $1400 (including my 0.07 BTC) in an Individual Loan. According to my calculations, the next moth I will raise $3000.

It is simply unimaginable how far I’ve managed to go with 0 investments in the first place, let alone all the people I’ve helped. I’ve never felt so happy and complete! When this world crisis is over, I will buy my family a nice vacation somewhere in Europe. What is your dream?

At this point, my story comes to end. However, for all of us on BitcoLoan, this is only the beginning. Let’s help each other achieve something great!

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Way to Crypto Freedom
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Nice story !
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