​New BitcoLoan Affiliates. Even More Favorable Offers For You

Today is a big day. BitcoLoan has begun working together with the new 27 crypto lending service providers. It means that now we can make you even better offers!

The Business Loan offer range has become wider – you can find exactly the right deal now. Besides, our new affiliates will make the process of finding a borrower even more efficient.

What difference does it make? And what’s next?

Large-scale Cooperation

From this moment on, we’re officially starting our cooperation with the 27 largest crypto lending service providers. The companies have already integrated our API, all the important protocols have already been tested and now everything is in running order.

Together with the unified system, we also have the unified client database. It greatly improves the BitcoLoan service performance.

Better Terms

As of today, our clients are offered even more favourable terms. The borrowers’ number has increased 17 times while the lenders’ number has shown a 12 fold increase! It implies not only better loan terms, but also a faster amount raising process.

From now on, 4 Business Loan offers are available. You should still stay on your toes as offers won’t be available for too long due to the lenders’ number increase.

By the end of 2021, we’re planning to increase the fixed offer number to 20 or more. Don’t pass up a good deal!

Platform Growth

Working with new affiliates is only a small part of the big BitcoLoan development program. We have much more surprises you’re going to like. We prefer to keep it secret just for now.

However, we can let you in just a little. Here are some of the direction we’re currently working in:

- Interaction with borrowers
- Insurance
- Loan management
- Refinance program
- Fiat leding
- Trading
- Integrating other companies DeFi protocols
- More Token features

Soon, you’re going to find out more about our work. In the meantime, you can check out the renewed BitcoLoan and find a loan you’ve been looking for!

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Way to Crypto Freedom
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good job
It's a great project that we're all seeing the results. excellent
good project
Affiliation is promising
Muito bom.
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The partner companies need us to invest in them. Let's do it fam
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I love the platform! It really helps the "everyday joe" get involved.
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Some confusion I suppose. Is this part of consolidation? Why were there so many players in the same space around the same size or smaller?
excellent platform and very good man......you are inspiration for others
This is great news!
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New parnership means more acceptability
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lets grow
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nice project Waiting Impatiently
Every week I'm giving a business loan.
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Growing by leaps and bounds!
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An exciting affiliate program...
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I wish I had started my crypto journey with Bitcoloan. I would have been far by now.
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Bitcoloan is little by little taking an important part in our daily cryptocurrency life...
More partners more profits for all.
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Looking at these companies asking for loans at higher interest rates of 1,2% says there's money to be made.
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What are the criteria for individual or a corporate body to request for loan?
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Fast tokens. Bonus! Thanks!
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BitcoLoan Next Generation.
Bitcoloan has grown over time. More branches opened and many people benefited from Bitcoloan.
Partnership of Bitcoloan with other well known platforms will enhance success of Bitcoloan
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Waouh!!bitcoloan always in innovation
Figuring it out
Its great to see that more organizations are joining up with Bitcoloan. This can only increase the number of lenders and borrowers making for a greater ecosystem.
It's cool that 27 crypto lending service providers have entered into a partnership! I think this project will growth 100%. Keep it up
That is a brilliant crypto idea!
I'm excited to see these new features roll out soon! Btw, lending is spelled wrong in "-Fiat leding" just wanted to point that out. Keep up the good work!
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Another business lender added today. Let's fund them investors!
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Hope its real!
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Yes! The Bitcoloan prospects for 2021 sound very promising. Looking forward to a variety of lending contracts
2 business loan offers still open.
Finally, a large-scale cooperation and a noticeable growth of the platform has begun
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Exciting news, I'm testing the platform for now and will invest more ETH in the following period.
The sun is shining :)
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New affiliates,partners mean more diversification of BITCOLOAN
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I'm always looking for a good mix ofBusiness Loan opportunities. I will assist one of the four available this week.
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