More About BitcoLoan Technology, Additional Tokens and Tomorrow's Webinar!

​Today we want to share some of the latest news with you. Namely, BitcoLoan Technology details, new farming opportunity and tomorrow's webinar.

Let’s talk about each piece of news so you won’t miss anything!

BitcoLoan Technology

We’re ready to tell you more about the BitcoLoan Technology. Our technology is a whole set of high-tech tools:

The technology is ready to be applied in many areas. Crypto lending is just a small piece of its huge potential. The technology can be implemented in dozens of niches, from trading to HR and logistics.

Find out more about it in a special website section.

Get More BITCOLOAN Tokens

Just as we’ve promised, we keep adding new tasks for the BITCOLOAN Token farming! There are plenty of tasks you can choose from. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Invite Someone

- Copy your referral link.
- Send it to your friend.
- Make sure your friend registers on the platform.
- Make sure your friend invests in a loan.
- Once your friend has made an investment, you will get the reward.

This is a daily task. You can do it on a daily basis and get additional 500 tokens!

Repost from our Social Media

- Go to any of our social media profiles.
- Choose any of the recent posts.
- Repost it to your timeline or share it to chat with other people (for Telegram).
- Take a screenshot of the repost.
- Attach the screenshot in the special form below.
- Once the moderation process is complete, you will get the reward.

This is also a daily task. All you need to do is repost some news and take a screenshot of it. 50 tokens are already yours!

Share Something Else

- Go to the BitcoLoan Blog section.
- Choose any of the three recent posts.
- Click on the post.
- Leave a comment and tell what you think about this post.

Another daily task. It allows you to get 100 tokens for reposting some of the latest news.

Write a Success Story

- Take a look at the story examples in our blog.
- Write a story about your BitcoLoan experience.
- Attach the file with your text and pictures.
- Click on “Send”
- Once the moderation process is complete, you will get the reward.

Write a success story and get 500 tokens! Show us how original and creative you can be.

Subscribe to Social Media

- Follow us on social media
- Specify what social media you have subscribed to.
- Send us a screenshot that proves it.

Already following us on social Media? You can find plenty of useful information there! Follow us and get 100 tokens for each social media profile you follow!

The BitcoLoan Webinar is Tomorrow!

We'd like to remind you that tomorrow, March 18, 4 PM London time, we’re holding a webinar! The main topic is the BitcoLoan token where we will answer all of your questions.

We will choose a lucky random participant who will get the main prize – 5000 tokens! Find out more about the webinar, prizes and registration by clicking the button below.

P.S.: You still can participate in the token draw. Hurry up!

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Way to Crypto Freedom
Way to Crypto Freedom
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Thanks for the update
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Long live BitcoLoan
Long live BitcoLoan
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