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​Hello, BitcoLoan users, I am Camilla! I have a story that I want to share with you. It comes from the heart of a woman who thought that she had lost everything until she found this service.

I am a small business owner in Italy. Unfortunately, I was very unlucky to get it going not long before the first virus wave last spring. Little by little, sales started slowly going down and I simply ran out of money to pay the rent and staff salaries. It was a heartbreaking experience for me as the dream of my whole life was falling apart. As everyone knows, banks don’t to bail out small business owners so easily. Their offers are just cruel. I would never handle their loan interest rate with such poor sales. I was about to give everything up and say my dream goodbye. The last resort was the crypto I had. I know that it is very volatile and it is stupid to sell it when It could always worth much more. The Internet advised me start looking up where to invest it but how could I? These bitcoins were all I had. The day I clicked on BitcoLoan add was the last day of my melancholia.

When I first registered here, I was pleasantly surprised with the system flawless work – on the Dashboard I could see everything I need to keep my funds under control. Once I finished studying the available opportunities, I made a decision not to invest my funds and get a loan instead. I needed money urgently and couldn’t afford waiting. The referral program wouldn’t do much good for me either as I do not have friends with crypto. Besides, I did not have to sell my bitcoins and that is one of the best service features, taking into account the situation with its changeable price. What I also like about BitcoLoan is speed and a user-friendly interface. I am not very good with gadgets and sometimes it takes me weeks to learn what is what. I created a loan request almost immediately, as there were quite simple parameters to set. I got on BitcoLoan in summer and all the restrictions for trade were lifted. That is why it was such a good time to lend some money and bring my precious jewelry store back to life.Happily for me, I found a lender who would agree to lend me $15000 frozen in my account as bitcoins. The next day I withdrew it with tears on my eyes. Finally, I did it. No extra confirmations, waiting, going from bank to bank and no barbarian interest rate. Money in my hands and hope in my heart.

Today I’m earning even a little more than before as tourists are allowed to my country again. I earn more than enough money to pay for my loan and I think I repay it a bit earlier. Who knows, maybe I will make a deposit and help a small business owner like myself. Thank you, BitcoLoan!

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