Join the token private sale. Something big is coming!

We announce the BITCOLOAN Token Private sale launch. Now you can acquire the token in your personal Dashboard. So far, this opportunity is available only to the BitcoLoan clients.

The token sale announcement has changed its price which has now increased. And the token is not even traded on the exchange yet!

We keep moving forward and actually have something big for you.

Private Sale

Now you can buy the token for any available cryptocurrency. To do so, just use the “Private Sale” button in the Token balance section.

Remember that 1% is accrued daily to your token balance. This is a limited offer available only to the BitcoLoan clients who keep the tokens in the BitcoLoan ecosystem.

Price Change

Since the BITCOLOAN Token Private Sale release, the token price has changed. The token official price is $0.0012 now. With every subsequent Private sale stage, the price will vary.

In this regard, the task rewards will be adjusted– now they’re 20% less. The sooner you complete the task, the bigger is your reward. Hurry up and complete your tasks before the first sale stage ends!

Something Big

The crypto lending market is continuing to grow. To keep up with its pace, we also keep doing new steps in the platform development. For a year, we’ve been working on the project that will totally surprise you and disrupt the crypto lending market for good.

We’ve been forced to keep this project secret to avoid the excessive attention to the service and ensure our system safety. Soon, we will tell you all about it.

For the time being, we can tell you that it’s a fully decentralized financial tool that will complement the BitcoLoan ecosystem.

Stay tuned!

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افرین,عالی بود
one step closer to tokens launch
Don't wait
Like it
تحت تاثیر قرار گرفتم
زیبا بود
Nice information
Good opportunity
good project
Bitcoloan đang trở nên rất tốt
owww good
I will try the tasks now..
Its better to buy now so I don't regret later.
good project
Grab Tokens before it sold out
Good news for everyone
Bitcoloan is becoming very good
Try to buy Bitcoloan as much as possible
Hurry up before is all gone
good project
Good opportunity
It's nice!
Hmm 100,000 minimum purchase is to high for me
Good News!
Become a pro investor
good project
super ces nouvelles taches qui permettent de gagner des token , vive bitcoloan
Tokens tokens tokens
exciting news
Bitcoloan is becoming very good
Good project
Very good program
Wow so good
Looking forward to watching BitcoLoan (BTCL) grow!
I will suggest that the minimum amount of BTCL token anyone can buy should be made 10USD
otimo excelente obrigado
thanks, succes
nice move!
great these new spots that allow you to win tokens, long live bitcoloan
This is great.
Good luck bitcoloan. You guys are on the track to success!
I can see this coin going places. Love this company and I've only just started. Wish I'd found it sooner.!
I love it
I love that the token symbol is BTCL! Surely that will make it more valuable.
Nice idea
Myślę że to początek nowej Bankowości
Quá tuyệt vời , tôi yêu thích bitcoloan . Một nơi xứng đáng để trao trọn niềm tin
That's something big has coming,,, wooooo!!!!!
nice. All should comes to buy during this private sale.
mobil app good
This is great.
What a platform!, Infact this is the real investment site indeed.thanks to Bitcoloan for the private sale launch
I guess I'm confused. Why do I need the token if I can just use existing currencies? Apart from it being a convenient platform-dependent way to get paid, I suppose?
excellent platform to think that with is a person can meet their few needs and give themselves some luxuries even small that are I really like this system
let's wish a big successful sale ! Super company!
that's wonderful !
good project
Great news!!!
Good one for us to cheer
Nice one
Crazzyyy!! excited
i love this company. Way to go for crypto
Great news!
Our hopes are with U!
Great news!!!
Give us Token technical informations !
Great project
amazing news
Still can't be access on mobile app
Infact the future is bright
Very inspiring. Shows how blockchain can transform the lives of people.
I'm waiting for that ^^
My Goodness! Glad that I am in...
Nice news
Yeah let's do it
let's wish a big successful sale !
Cool news!!
Depositing and getting setup was super easy. Now I get paid daily. This is my success story!
oh, nice. keep going!
Hodl!!! Hodl!!! Hodl!!!
Good News!
Step forward
That tuyet,gia dang len tung ngay,mô nguoi hay giu se giau day.Hay nhanh tay lam nv thoi,hay kiem that nhieu token
When BTCL Tokens go public and gets listed on exchanges the price will skyrocket! Get as many as you can now!
When BTCL Tokens go public and gets listed on exchanges the price will skyrocket! Get as many as you can now!
It's great that it's going up, but $0.0012 is not a lot.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful news!
looking forward how the BTCL will make it on the market
Here we go! Im with you!
Nouvelle opportunité pour gagner toujours plus avec bitcoloan
I think it BitcolLoan has huge potential to skyrocket. Automation like reinvest the daily payments as well as more diverse products would definitely help.
Thanks for moving forward.
Wow so good
here we go!
Good news, great token
really good
wow good news
Great news
hopefully in the future more advanced BCLN
Great news
Qué bien
bitcoloan is great...i will go with bitcoloan..
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Couldn’t be more excited about BTCL tokens!
I will download and buy my coins :)
What a news !! Amazing
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Very nice.
Great move
Nice - Go BTCL Tokens!
great news
Finally a great move
Owrayt time to spend some money.
Time to break out the party favors and champagne glasses! Glad the time is finally here, we finally know the price of the token. I have faith it will grow big! I'm here for the ride.
Good one. Let me bag the little can
Dự án thật tuyệt, fraats tiếc vì mình tham gia quá muộn
nice project Waiting Impatiently
Looking forward it hearing about what you guys have in store for us!
Great news
прекрасная новость,рад что появились такие обновления
Lets do it
WOW we move with bitcoloan
Lets do it )