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Hi everyone, I am Darsh! It is a success story from Indian guy who likes money and does not like risks. If you are careful too and want good advice, please read my story! I have a small online store where I sell handmade things worldwide.

Not so long ago I connected cryptopayments to my website because some people wanted to pay only in bitcoin. I do not like argue with my customers so I was agree to try something new. Later I learned that cryptocurrency can worth a lot many more and I will become investor! I had 2 BTC in beginning of 2020 that was in total almost 10 lakhs (if I not mistake it is $15000)! I never saw such many money before! So I looked on Internet investment places where I can make more money that I have. I found sites where people invested crypto and waited for some time until interest added. I did not like wait and nervous about my money because I trust not services that promise big sums without telling how it work and where they take money. Some people on crypto forums recommend try invest in foundations but it is not for me because I do not like wait for many a times so I decided not invest and wait better opportunity.

Once I watched YouTube and saw BitcoLoan add. I liked that they offered invest in loans so that I will see where my money go and help other people. I did not believed first and registered just to see what they have. I made small deposit of 0.1 BTC and was surprise when saw that my money went to some person. It was nice for me and my borrower because he got money and I got 0.7%. I decided wait until his loan is paid so I withdraw my deposit. After 2 weeks my balance was $100 more. First I was afraid it was mistake but according to BitcoLoan it is standard terms for deposits.

In week after that I thought and decided that it is good opportunity to make money for business and open a shop in my town. 2020 is not best year to risk finance but I afraid bitcoin will cost less and I am going regret a lot. I made big deposit of 1 BTC (half of my crypto) and waited until it is paid. In this time term was 10 days with 0.7% every day. In August I had $900 income but I wanted bigger interest. Next I invested in Business Loan where I added 1.1 BTC. I never was so nervous before as bitcoin was almost $13000 by time which is a many for simple guy like myself. My friends said that I need wait and not invest it on Internet. I chose risks. I recommend that you all should listen to heart at such moments because it always say right thing. On 43 day of Business Loan I got almost $6000! Some people say it is not many but I was very happy. That day I bought new smartphone for my mother that she wanted for long time. Now we both happy! Please do not forget your parents.

My rating now is 1.57 and it means more interest rate. I invested all money I made on BitcoLoan in Individual Loan for 80 days with 0.85% every day. I hope I not mistake because it is already 57 day and I received $3400. I will wait patient and when my borrower pay for my loan I will invest this money again. I plan to open a shop for 15 lakhs in 2021 and use only money I made on BitcoLoan. Now I am investor who helps people and businesses. I feel it I very important because I lend money sometimes and it is not very nice in banks. I hope my story help people who does not like loose money like me and we will make money together!

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