Give your friends a 10% bonus to their investments!

Offering your friends attractive investment options is good, but giving them an additional bonus is even better! You can do that with the new BitcoLoan invitation system.

When inviting a friend to participate in a Business loan, you share a unique referral link that gives them an additional 10% to the amount invested in the given loan. Your referral program profits will be calculated from the final investment amount, which means that you’ll get a bonus too!

You can share the link just in a few clicks. Go to the Business Loan section and click on the button of the social media you want to send the link through, or simply copy it to the clipboard.

For your friend to get the bonus, they should meet a few simple requirements:

- Your friend is supposed to create a new account when following your referral link

- Your friend is supposed to invest exactly in the Business loan you have invited them to participate in

For instance, if they invest $100, it will be considered as $110. Their daily profits will be calculated from the final amount, while you will get 8% of the amount to your account!

Please note: when the loan term expires, your friend will get back only the initial investment amount to their account, without the bonus.

You might’ve noticed that we’ve added a promo code field to the Business loan menu. Using a promo code, you will get an additional bonus to the loan investment amount. We do not give out promo codes, but soon you will be able to get them from our partners.

Stay tuned!

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