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Hi everyone! I am Carlos. Today I’m going to tell you about my personal experience with BitcoLoan. Get ready!

I am a family man with a simple dream of opening up my own Mexican restaurant in Spain. I almost fulfilled my dream... Until the year 2020.

But let’s not talk about sad things. There was one moment that changed everything: I found the way to double my savings!

It all started when my closest friend, Anita, told me not to be afraid of the internet and try find a source of income there. It was then when she invited me to take part in BitcoLoan activities. I signed up on the site through referral link.

To my own luck, Anita made a research about how crypto lending works. When she shared information with me, I could not believe what I hear: this system is incredibly profitable. Apart from everything else, I realized that I can create a loan for my future restaurant! These people from the internet I was so afraid of will help me. ¡órale!

Thing was, I did not want to take a loan. I wanted something real. But I had only 0.9 BTC (17000 USD). For that reason, I took a decision and made my very first deposit of 5000 USD. I took part in Business loan with daily rate of 1%. The next day I saw +50 USD on Balance. Slowly but surely I was going to my main goal: make my money work for me and my family.

In 25 days I created another deposit for Individual loan. My wife can be reckless woman sometimes because it was she who made me to deposit the rest of my Bitcoin. We have decided to take that risk, especially if it eventually will double my savings. At that time I had 16000 USD in value. The deal was like that: I give 16000 USD and get 0.8% a day in 30 day period.

I was keeping track of my assets every night and day. Sometimes I could not sleep. All I was thinking about was future I wanted to provide for my family.

In January the first deposit term has ended. No one from my friends would not believe me if I told them how much money I earn by doing nothing. It was 3000 USD from 5000 USD! Week or two later it was the second deposit term. As I had expected, I was not disappointed: +3055 USD on Balance.

This is the most wonderful part of my story. I have 6100 USD and 0.9 BTC that can buy me my dream. It is where we all think about our own limits. Some people would say that I should stop there and be satisfied with what I have. But I don’t think so! No one said that it is enough to buy only one restaurant jajaja.

I recommend all of you try to inviting your friends to BitcoLoan. Anita, my friend who brought me here, makes good money with her referrals. I read about this system in BitcoLoan Academy course. We should all work towards the same goal!

I think I told you about all my secrets. I want you to have little faith in yourself and think about what you want the most. You just set a goal and everything will go smoothly. Besides, you are all welcome to try the best quesadillas in the world at my restaurant!

I wish you all luck. We are all partners here!

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Way to Crypto Freedom
Way to Crypto Freedom
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