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Hello everyone! I’m Jazmin. I am a single mother who has managed to understand how crypto lending works. I know there are people like me – people providing a future for the ones they love – and hope that my piece will find a place in your heart.

I am a rookie in success story writing and I would ask you nicely to have an open mind about it. :)

I’ll start with a short preface. I’ve never been into crypto and its trading - it all was too complicated for me. I happen to have 0.4 Bitcoins as payment for one of jobs in 2019. Ever since, I’d been keeping it and waiting until I can make up my mind what to do with it. In any case, having some savings never hurts. One day, I was browsing YouTube with my son. In the middle of some silly cartoon I saw a BitcoLoan ad. Usually, I don’t pay attention to that kind of stuff, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I had followed the link and started studying the website. None of that made much sense to me. I’d created an account and asked an operator what was the point of freezing your crypto or making a deposit. I was really confused.

Then the second lockdown came. Even though I work from home, it wasn’t any easier to realize that my savings were slowly melting away. I have two boys to raise. At that moment I’d known for sure that I wanted to fight. I had deposited my $11000 in bitcoins in a business loan. I’m not sure about the interest, but it was $95 I received the next day. The next thing I remember was me withdrawing it to make sure everything was legit. And it’d worked! Was it too reckless of me to jeopardize all my money? It sure was! All I cared about was that I had bitten the odds.

Well, in a month my total “revenue” was about $2800. Everything was clear on the BitcoLoan part – my precious 0.4 bitcoins came back to mama. To my own surprise, the Bitcoin price had skyrocketed in January. Some sight for sore eyes that was!

Before I had started to plan the next strategy, the BitcoLoan Academy training course came out. Actually, I needed more information on the crypto lending topic, and therefore I’d found the course extremely helpful. I didn’t know good things can be free! :) Not only free though; I’d received extra $50. And I knew exactly how I was going to spend it.

The next step was to invite some of my friends to participate in a loan to business. As all the hype around Bitcoin was at its highest, it was not hard to find someone possessing crypto. So, my future level 1 partner and I had found a loan with the highest interest and largest term.

At the time being, I have $150 a day + $400 bonus from the referral program. According to my calculations, in June I will be able to buy a nice Chevrolet. I think I’ve shown the world crisis I’m not afraid of it any longer!

As a Black woman, I know that 2020 has been a traumatic time for all Black people. I know many of us have lost jobs and businesses. I want to show all of you that there is a way to bring everything back to normal. All of us must reflect on our perspective of the world, where everyone is equal and have a stable income. All great things begin with one person – you and you alone. Make yourself matter!

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muy buena la istoria, exito para todos
muy buena la istoria, exito para todos
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Nice project
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Many people standing together on the same Program have a good foundation and trust, can order, have the same goals, always get good goals. ask for experience!
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