BitcoLoan wants to work with you!

BitcoLoan is a large and growing company. Our main profile is marketplace lending, where everyone can get a loan or become a lender.

Our technology and resources, however, are capable of much more. That is why we offer institutional investors partnership on the most diverse terms and levels.

BitcoLoan Company

Our company is still young, but has managed to gain the trust of millions of users! More than 210 companies in 23 countries work with us, thus allowing Data Mining algorithms to help our technology remain the market leader.

Make your assets work for you. Thanks to BitcoLoan, you can make your assets work for you without any delays. While your assets multiply, we take care of everything else. All that is required of you is to profit.

The best storage provided by BitcoLoan. To store crypto assets on our platform is not only safe but also quite profitable. Our security management team is constantly working to improve the system while 80% of all assets are stored in cold wallets.

Loans and investments with up to 12 months term. We offer our clients the most diverse and flexible investment terms. Between 30 and 360 days, you can choose conditions you find most convenient for you and your company.

Get access to unique research. Our company employees are always conducting analytical work in the cryptocurrency and financial markets. By becoming our partner, you get access to analytics and best specialist advice.


BitcoLoan Technology is our specialists’ creation that has been applied in the crypto lending world and is ready to further implementation in dozens of other fields. Along with the numerous partnerships, best market offer and growth prospects our achievements are only the beginning.

Area of application

As it was set out above, the BitcoLoan Technology is an original and flexible solution that can be applied in a wide range of areas, from retail and logistics to trading and high-accuracy data calculation.

We’re ready to offer you an application option in your area. You wouldn’t believe how flexible the BitcoLoan Technology can be.

Why you should invest in cryptocurrency

It is clear for every institutional investor that cryptocurrency is the future. You don't have to be an expert to see the obvious when analyzing the institutional investors’ cryptocurrency market share.

The investment amounts are continuing to grow. More and more institutional investors are investing in cryptocurrencies thus increasing its market capitalization.


We’re ready to work with you

BitcoLoan is open to new partnerships and cooperation. If you’re an institutional investor or some other company willing to work with us, just contact us via the special form on the following page

We will be glad to find new application areas and cooperation formats that we would all find convenient. We’re looking forward to hearing your suggestions and questions.

Stay tuned!

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I invest in cryptocurrencies since 2018 and this looks like interesting project. I´ m willing to go for it..
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Its a prievilage to work with BITCOLOAN
I've been lending at a great ROI for a while now and collecting as many bitcotokens as I can. I see this company going places!
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This is an amazing platform. I have been searching for this kind of stable platform for a long time. Glad one of my friends from Marktethive introduced me to this. Looking forward to an exciting journey.
Great opportunity
Good coin
I'm started 3 days ago, happy to see that 1% coming back into my wallet. Thanks for the opportunity
I made my first loan a few days ago, happy to see that it really generated returns already (over 1% a day) and I can transfer them out through the BTC network.
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Lead us for a better day
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Bitcoloan is becoming very solid entity.
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