BITCOLOAN Token. Be the first to get it!

BitcoLoan presents you the BITCOLOAN Token! We’ve come a long way to this moment. Rest assured, this is only the beginning! The token is the company option.

The BITCOLOAN token is already in our clients’ disposal. Soon, it will be available for sending to any ERC 20 wallet and for trade on crypto exchanges!

What is the BITCOLOAN Token

BITCOLOAN Token is the option of our company. Its liquidity is ensured by the company turnover on the crypto lending platform.

ERC 20. BITCOLOAN Token is the ERC20 token performing on the Ethereum network

1% daily. You get 1% to your token balance daily while you keep them in the BitcoLoan system.

Metamask. The Metamask integration allows managing tokens in a few clicks

Token distribution

The token amount is limited and will be distributed as follows.

Road Map

As it was set out above, the token launch is only the first step towards the great goal.

Right now you can get tokens to a special account in your Dashboard. This feature is exclusive and available to BitcoLoan users only.

In the second quarter of 2021 you will get access to sending tokens to your own wallet. In other words, you will be able to send the token to any ERC 20 wallet or use it to top up your account in your personal Dashboard.

In the third quarter of 2021 the BITCOLOAN Token will go public! Only then it will be available for everyone. From that moment on, you will be able to trade your tokens on the exchange and profit on it. Or, you could keep your tokens for the future.

How to get the BITCOLOAN Token

There are two ways of getting the token. The first one is to make a deposit. When you invest in a loan, the investment amount in tokens automatically goes to your balance, multiplied by 10. Simply put, if you invest $100, 1000 tokens automatically go to your account.

The second way is to get tokens for free. This option is available only for BitcoLoan users. They’re are required to be active and perform simple tasks.

You’re surely familiar with the tasks and some of you have already completed them. We’re talking about the tasks increasing the rating score. By performing them, you will not only increase your rating but also get BITCOLOAN Tokens to your account.

Soon, there will be more token updates and more daily tasks to get them. More information about the token right now you can find on a special page.

Stay tuned!

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Way to Crypto Freedom
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Suggestion as a feature: BitcoLoan dashboard should include the total balance of the account. as a nice to have It could have: Total Balance: x.xxxx. , Withdrawable: y.yyyy, Total amount in active Loan Smart Contract: z.zzzz
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It is nice, wishing your token to get more valuable. But the borrow/lend mechanism need to be improved, if i need 100$, i need to deposit 100$...Had i have them, i would not borrow...
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Getting Good Reward
How many tokens will be available?
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