BitcoLoan Academy is now on Mobile App

The BitcoLoan Academy is a free tool that helps you gain the most vital knowledge about investments and DeFi.

More than 3000 students from 116 countries have already completed the training course. They’ve acquired skills and knowledge that they use to make more money on the platform.

We keep moving forward. For that reason, we want to present you an important update on the BitcoLoan Academy. From now on, the training course is available on the Mobile App. To get access to the training course, do not forget to update the app!

Soon, an iOS app version will be launched. After that, the iOS users will have access to the BitcoLoan Academy and get a $50 bonus to their investment account.

We’ve taken this step upon the users’ requests. We seek to develop our company as our clients would have wanted that – only then we can make a perfect product that meets all the needs.

We understand that some of you would’ve wanted to access the training materials from the desktop version. If it is so, please, give us your feedback.

Below, you will find a survey where you can vote for the future development options of the BitcoLoan Academy. Please, share your opinion!

We thank you in advance for your contribution!

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Way to Crypto Freedom
Way to Crypto Freedom
Invest in crypto loans and earn up to 1% daily
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Very well
Good tool
your app is crashing consistently
nền tảng rất thân thiện với nhà đầu tư muốn tìm hiểu về bitcoloan.chương trình cập nhật nhanh chóng.thanks
Academy provides great opportunity
Vraiment une bonne application
great app
great news
great info
good app
thanks for this
Academy provides great opportunity
Dont Wait - Do the Academy
It very good
worth completing the academy course
Wow easy access to learn more about the Bitcoloan platform.
Good coin
Not much learned in the Academy about the technology itself or how the smart contract works, but the course has great tutorials to teach you how to use the Bitcoloan platform
I have started to use the Mobile app. It's very easy to navigate.
Salute to you, you are great indeed
mobil app good
Its now easier for everyone to do the training as mobile version is available.
I have graduated and appreciate the knowledge gained. Also they will start you off with fifty bucks to loan to someone and you get to keep the interest made from it.
I have graduated and appreciate the knowledge gained. Also they will start you off with fifty bucks to loan to someone and you get to keep the interest made from it.
BitcoLoan is really a nice cryptocurrency loan website which can make your future bright.
Easy way to understand this bitcoloan system what its for...
oh good project!
It provides overall information about how to earn more and invest
This will provide you a simple way to learn about what is bitcoloan, what is its purpose, how it will help you to make profit and it will give you imformations about this future market which will change may of us life.
Nice pic
Wow, this is very good jobs
nice topic
I have finished the BitcoLoan crypto lending training just a couple of days ago. I learnt new things about the cryptocurrency industry.
It is easy way to read from browser the the app but good topic
Tôi thấy việc triển khai thêm các token như một món quà khi nhà đầu tư tham gia cùng bitcoloan. rất tốt trong tương lai cảm ơn bitcoloan
superb news. It is now possible to be able to be informed in real time of loan proposals, to manage your own loans without having to turn on your computer.
Wao, i am graduated, everyone should join
Man I have 5 loans out making crazy interest