Bitcoin and Ethereum accounts. Invest your crypto!

The BitcoLoan team has released a special update for its users. From now on, you have 3 separate accounts in your Dashboard: USD, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Let’s find out what has changed and what other benefits are waiting for you.

New Balance system

All three accounts are not interconnected; all financial transactions can be carried out separately. Each of these accounts has its own characteristic and supports a certain currency.

The first account is displayed in Bitcoin. It can be either topped up with BTC without conversion or with another cryptocurrency, converted to BTC at latest rates. Withdrawal is available in any currency.

The second account is displayed in USD. You can top it up with any cryptocurrency, converted to USD at latest rates. Withdrawal is available in any cryptocurrency. You can call it your USDT account, as topping up with USDT is not subject to conversion.

The third account is displayed in Ethereum. Just like with the Bitcoin account, you can top it up with ETH or any other cryptocurrency converted at latest rates. Withdrawal is available in any currency.

All the three accounts have similar characteristics. Simply put, you can top them up, withdraw funds or invest USD, BTC and ETH in crypto loans while earning your daily income. Daily payments are credited based on the currency your deposit is in.

Topping up

You can top up your account with all the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as:

- Bitcoin
- Litecoin
- Bitcoin Cash
- Dash
- Ethereum
- Dogecoin
- Monero
- Tether
- Zcash

Depending on the account you top up, your crypto will be converted to the account base currency. Investments are made directly from your Dashboard account and in its base currency.

Referral program bonuses

Both currency and account to receive funds to depend on the currency your partner has invested in. In short, if your partner has invested in BTC, your bonus will also be in BTC. In case your partner has invested in USD or Ethereum, the same logic applies. A bonus will be sent to the account, the base currency of which corresponds to that your partner has invested in.

The new system benefits

Thanks to this update, you won’t have to exchange your crypto in order to invest it. We have granted you an opportunity to invest it directly, so you won’t lose money gained on high crypto prices.

Besides, with direct investments you won’t have to worry about the USD exchange rates anymore.

We have even more updates coming soon. Stay tuned so you don’t miss anything!

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