Beware of scammers! Use the official BitcoLoan media only

​We care a great deal about our clients’ safety. Yet, scammers are out there and always trying to steal your data by pretending to be the company officials. Read this article to protect yourself, your data and funds from cybercriminals.

The BitcoLoan specialists have noticed a burst of scammers’ activity; they create phishing websites, newsletters, groups and chats on social media while pretending to be the BitcoLoan officials. Such groups and chats can be used to spread malicious links and false information.

Such scammers seek to pretend to be official company representatives and gain your trust, which they can use to steal your data or harm you in any other way.

If you want to ensure your safety, we recommend that you take simple but reliable precautions that will protect you and your account.

Always check the website security certificate

By following a link to the BitcoLoan website, always check if this website has a security certificate. By clicking on the special icon, you can see a security certificate that confirms the data validity. Never enter your data on the websites that have no security certificate.

The company newsletters

When you receive an email from BitcoLoan, check the sender's address carefully. Under no circumstances reply, send data, follow links or trust the information sent from an email address, different from the BitcoLoan corporate address.

All the BitcoLoan letters are always sent from email addresses that end with For example, [email protected] and other addresses of the same domain.

If you have any doubts about the email trustworthiness – go to our website and contact a Support Team operator to clarify the information.

The company social media

It is also important to take the necessary precautions on social media as there are lots of fake pages pretending to be the company official representatives. On such pages, they usually place false information, malicious links and malware.

Even if you’re just a member of such a group, you put yourself at risk of falling victim to a fraudery. The reason for this is that the list of group members is available to the admins, which gets you under their attention.

We strongly encourage you not to follow any unofficial groups and chats on social media in order to prevent your account from being hacked or any other malicious activities.

All the official BitcoLoan social media pages can be found on the website footer or on the list below:

Twitter -
Telegram chanel -
YouTube -
LinkedIn -
Medium -
Instagram -
Reddit -
Github -
Steem -

Follow our official social media accounts. Stay tuned and safe!

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