​$1000 a week is better that waiting for crypto price rise!

What’s up, BitcoLoan? I am Miroslav. I live in a small village in Slovakia. It is my first experience to write in English and I hope that you will like it and understand!

I am old Ethereum fan. I know about this cryptocurrency for long time and lived through its ups and downs. I love how system works and that it is more cheap than bitcoin. I like to expect rapid growth and it is easy for me to see what is going on with this coin. I made many friends online who always share insights with me. Finally one of members invited me here to participate in a business deposit. I had a couple of coins did not mind to spare. This was my introduction to BitcoLoan.

I earned about $670 with that invitation. I liked it but I did not want to deposit my crypto again because its price was growing. I wanted to withdraw it from my wallet and buy my wife expensive watch. It is was my reason to find other way to make income with this service. My goal was to invite partners to invest and spread my partnership network!

My first month was really bad. I only invited 10 people and four of them were brave enough to invest crypto. My income was $150...But without losing there is no gaining as my family always says! My invite methods needed polishing. I realised that talking to my acquaintances was not enough, I needed to talk to the whole Internet! By lucky coincidence, I had a chance to participate in the recent competition. It was a good kick to start work on twitter. I was not sure if my followers were ready for BitcoLoan, but it was luck! 20 people in a week and 17 of them deposited crypto! I made $830 in 7 days.

While I proceeded working on twitter I also registered on some forums and other niche social media. It was much slower but in 15 days there were another 35 people under me and 28 of them invested. Those partners were more eager to engage their funds and in the end I earned $2025. I am still working on my partnership network and have nice plan for it. So far my partnership profit is $3200. I hope I won’t run out of people on the internet!

By the way, I failed to withdraw Ethereum at its highest price. I was very greedy and hoped for much more. Luck or not, I made a $4100 business deposit a week ago. I just checked and saw +$300 on my balance page. Nice! It is much faster than waiting.

I think I mentioned everything. My main point for you is not to be lazy or too greedy. Pay more attention to your partners and describe all advantages and disadvantages they can get. Thank you for reading!

Your friend from Slovakia

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Good job taking advantage of the opportunities that are offered here.
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From Slovakia to the world! Thanks for share Miroslav
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Great and inspiring story!
You worked hard and get paid. Great job boy!
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buena historia, hojala que todos tengamos exito.
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$1000 a week is better than most things in life period
Good job buddy, that's precisely why I invest in BitcoLoan! :)
$1000? I make $1700 a week from this site.
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Inspiring story
Great and inspiring story!
Interesting information!
Grazie dell’opportunità
я хотел бы чтобы у всех получилось заработать и желаю всем успеха
я хотел бы чтобы у всех получилось заработать и желаю всем успеха
Thanks for sharing your personal experience.
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Thật tuyệt vời khi tôi tìm thấy nó lúc đang lang thang trên internet để tìm nơi đầu tư sinh lời cao,và ổn định .
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This is a great project and a great way to both lend and borrow cryptos. It doesn't matter if you are new and just getting started or experienced. This is something everyone could and should get involved in.
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