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  • No Exchange
    No need to exchange your crypto for tokens. You earn directly on your assets.
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Individual loans
Individual loans
  • Fast Profits

    You can find a borrower with a convenient repayment period. It can be a term between 30 and 90 days.
  • Stable Rewards

    It doesn't matter if a borrower makes a daily payment. The company takes care of everything.
  • Favourable Terms

    Invest in an Individual loan and earn up to 1% daily.
Business loans
Business loans
  • Long-Term Investments

    Business loans are perfect for long-term investment with up to 360-day term.
  • Additional Bonuses

    Invite friends to invest together and grant them a 10% bonus to the investment amount.
  • High Profits

    Invest in a Business loan and earn up 1.4% daily.

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